Ways that Anxiety Disorders Interfere with Life
Are you wondering if you have an Anxiety Disorder? Browse the questions below and click on the links to see more detailed information. If you identify with any of these descriptions, you would likely benefit from talking with a therapist to further discuss these concerns.

DO YOU.....

Fear unwanted thoughts, mental pictures, or impulses (obsessions) that trigger inappropriate, repetitive physical or mental activity (compulsions)? -- Take a look at our Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder page.

Fear frequent, unexpected, intense anxiety attacks with physical sensations that make you believe you're having a heart attack, losing control, or going crazy? -- Take a look at our Panic Disorder page.

Fear being in situations or places that might be difficult or embarrassing to leave, or where no help is available in the case of high anxiety or a panic attack? -- Take a look at our Agoraphobia page.

Fear being judged by others or doing something embarrassing in public, which causes you to avoid public situations and unfamiliar people? -- Take a look at our Social Anxiety Disorder page.

Worry excessively and feel anxious about everyday things (finance, health, employment, family) for the majority of days within the last six months? -- Take a look at our Generalized Anxiety Disorder page.

Have emotional numbness, nightmares, social withdrawal, and flashbacks of past traumatic events? -- Take a look at our Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder page.

Have persistent and excessive fear of specific objects or situations that are not dangerous but avoided at all times? -- Read the Specific Phobia page.